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Cabinet Dish Rack Drain System for Standard & Custom Cabinets

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Sell cabinets with the Drip Dry

A functional built-in dish rack and drain system. Rapid installation to fit standard pre-assembled and pre-existing cabinets. A multi-use cabinetry accessory.

Incorporate a built-in dish drying cabinet

CAD Model kitchen plans to include an easy-to-install attractive accessory. An innovative and functional placement of a dish rack in its own storage spot.

Remodeling your kitchen?

Build the kitchen of your dreams! The DDC cabinet dish rack can be hidden inside the cabinet. Great storage and draining station includes accessories to hide clutter and clear counter space.

DripDry installation kits include all the parts and pieces to turn any cabinet into a DripDry cabinet – or your money back!

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Drip Dry Models

We comply with Oregon State law "Dishes must drip dry."
  • The Drip Dry is the first multi-use draining system kit for kitchen cabinets that instantly improves lifestyle and a kitchen’s appearance. Easy to install, it is used as a dish rack, colander, soap and sponge storage.

  • Advantages

    • Easy to install dish rack / drainer
    • Goes inside your kitchen cabinet
    • Hides clutter and clears counter space
    • Saves time
  • Testimonials

    • My customers love the multi-function uses and how easy the Drip Dry is to install. I'm a hero.
      Jeremy RaphaelJeremy Raphael
      Cabinet Installer
Minimum Height Requirement 23.5″
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