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History – From the Almagov to the Drip Dry

Nathan Manor, born in 1916 in Warsaw, was a creative child with a knack for engineering. As a schoolboy, he built a special gift for Poland’s prime minister who later saved his life by helping him escape the Holocaust. In memoriam of his family who perished and as a testament to the strength of Israel, Nathan joined the British army. After Israel was founded, he headed a repair workshop in Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

At home, Nathan’s ingenuity extended to his wife’s kitchen where he saw a problem and a solution. It all started when Nathan and Mrs. Manor wanted to renovate their kitchen. She insisted on keeping a wooden rack above her sink but it was too high and water wasn’t draining directly into the sink. Nathan thought it was ugly and told his wife: “I will make you a rack that will be hidden in the cupboard and it will go up and down to make your life easier.”…and he did.

After the renovation, his wife’s kitchen was the kitchen of envy in their hometown! When friends saw the rack went up and down and disappeared into the cabinet they forced the Manor family into production. Neighbors demanded mass production for the dish rack mounted above the sink. Nathan turned his family’s home into a factory and soon after opened a modern factory with molding machines – changing the kitchens for all in the Land of Milk and Honey.

The Drip Dry is the first multi-use draining system kit for kitchen cabinets that instantly improves lifestyle and a kitchen’s appearance. Easy to install, it is used as a dish rack, colander, and soap / sponge storage.

Manor Industries, LTD is a manufacturer of plastic dish rack products. Its best-known product is the original “Almagov,” from the meaning “no towel to dry”. The company was founded in 1975 in Israel where it is headquartered. Today, Manor Industries is managed by Per Lovgren.

The BLH Corp, by Tali Simhoni, established in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, with vision of changing America’s kitchens, ventured out to bring the Drip Dry home. Along the way came Estee Nir, of Pure Design 2000, a Canadian interior design firm specializing in kitchen renovation and recognizing the need for the Drip Dry, together they formed Estali Design Inc.

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