How to Prepare a Cabinet for Drying Dishes in 2024

Create a bottomless open cabinet kitchen dishes

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Something you didn’t know you needed – but need now. It’s the best way to dry dishes and wet veggies to save time in your kitchen. If you have dishes to wash, or if you’re taking them out of a dishwasher, there’s no better way to keep a kitchen clean by design.

The DripDry is a set of racks compatible for different sizes and shapes of dishes. It is made from aluminum and a strong polymer that stays white and is antimicrobial. Its scoop and drain tray built in leads water away from cabinet to the sink. Economically, more dishes fit with its tight proximity between segments, giving the user 30% more load on a rack, compared to common dish drainers.

Great for pre-existing cabinets, the DripDry cabinet dish rack DIY installation kit has never been easier to install with a frame! Fabricating a frame reinforces a cabinet interior structure, before or after cutting out the cabinet floor. It is ideal in custom-made cabinetry.

Innovation Drives Every Design dishes

If you’re looking to maximize working space in a kitchen, this innovative placement of wet storage space above a sink, use this simple design. For those with physical special needs or mobility limitations, our moveable racks come down to a level that is most convenient to reach.

DripDry Brand Innovation

Kitchen Design 101. The DripDry CAD tool helps you find the right placement to insert hidden drain racks aligned above a sink. Add wet storage for the convenience to dry washed produce. Search our images of small kitchens, kosher kitchens, to include in your design blueprint.

Installing drain racks hidden in a cabinet has never been easier ! Our kits include templates to open a cabinet bottom or carpentry around it for an opening to fit the dish rack. This is a great handyman DIY project. This frame is used to reinforce a cabinet with an interior structure, before or after cutting out the cabinet floor. It is great for Home Depot or Ikea cabinets and is a popular trend in custom-made cabinetry.

Our racks come with excellent customer service! Choose from static racks above a sink, inside or outside of a cabinet.

If you hate using paper towel to dry fruits, here’s a convenient way to quickly air-dry washed items, above a sink. Pull-down drip dry racks provide easy access for wet hands to prop produce to dry. This is clearly an incentive to add healthy foods into your diet because it’s easier to manage keeping the area clean.

And, if you hate seeing a sponge and dish soap on the counter, hide it away, to dry above the sink, in its own compartment. Ask us about our accessories to add to the DripDry cabinet rack.

There are several zones within kitchens: sink, dishwasher, countertop space, stove/oven, microwave, cabinets, refrigerator, and the garbage. You know the cycles; clean things are put away and dirty things go inside the dishwasher. After washing vegetables, prop above the sink to dry, then cut scraps are discarded.

The process involves opening drawers, cutting boards, plates. Hands are touching handles ‘left and right.’ Studies show kitchen sinks can have even more microbes than a garbage bin. And, the faucet handle can reintroduce viruses to your hands after you’ve washed them.

Avoid contamination by drying dishes – within clever placement of an open-bottom cabinet above for wet storage – then use a dry hand towel to end the task. Proper drainage is key to the hygiene-savvy kitchen designer. Gravity needs vertical racks so water drips directly to the sink. This blueprint also eliminates counter clutter.

As Steve Jobs said “Design is a funny word. Most people think it means how something looks. But when you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”