The DripDry | Invisible Kitchen Cabinet Dish Rack

The Only Cabinet Dish Rack that Creates an Open Bottom & Fits Any Cabinet in the World!

Installing a hidden dish drying rack has never been easier!

The kitchen cabinet dish drying rack “DripDry installation kit” includes a template and all pieces to build a drain system into any cabinet above a sink. For pre-existing cabinetry, use our template to create a bottom-less opening, or use it to build a bottom frame for custom cabinetry, precisely for the drain racks to mount in.

beautiful kitchen with The DripDry installed inside the cabinet

The DripDry Drain Dish Rack in lowered position with washed fruits and vegetables drying.

Lifetime Warranty

The DripDry dish rack  for cabinets holds 13 lbs (6 Kg.)  It  has a removable integrated drip tray to lead water directly into the sink and not onto the counter top. The DripDry can be taken apart, is smudge resistant and racks are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. Read about our Lifetime Warranty here.


Our DripDry Classic series cabinet dish drainer is made of a solid aluminum frame with white Polystyrene dish rack segments, making it stainless and resistant to humidity and water. Color choice is White or Stainless Steel (high quality pigmentation made of real metal).



Looking for a kitchen cabinet dish rack?

The DripDry drain dish in cabinet  is the only drain rack that can be pulled down lower, creates a space for very large pots, and can be used as a colander to dry washed fruits and vegetables. The dishes drip from rack straight to the sink.  


Large DripDrip Dish drying rack (DDC28)

At Window: Zoom in to see hidden DripDry above sink.

This Cabinet Dish Rack has been popular in Europe

This modern in-cabinet dish drying rack integrates aesthetics and practical solutions into kitchen cabinetry. Now our racks are available as pull-down  racks or custom-made widths that can also be ordered as static racks, guaranteed for all types of cabinets. The DRIP DRY dish drain racks are designed to build – in to any type of cabinet.

Large DripDrip cabinet dish rack Classic (DDC28)

Add a simple accesory for aesthetics and function. Lifetime warranty and  will never rust.

See How The DripDry Works

dish drying rack | The Drip Dry

Sleek Design with static racks above a sink.

Hidden cabinet dish drying rack | DripDry

When there is overflow from a dishwasher, the drain rack above the sink works to eliminate countertop clutter.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

5 star review  Great service from Tali and Val There was an installation issue and they gave me full support Very happy with this product Thank you Great work

5 star review  We love our kitchen now! The racks are made of High quality material and craftsmanship, this exceeded my expectations, and was fairly easy to install. Great customer support too.

Choose Your Size

22.20″ minimum height is required.  Measure the interior width in-between the cabinet’s right and left sides panels. Use the  Size Chart  to find which DripDry fits into your cabinet


DripDry Measurements | Cabinet Dish Rack

Fits All Cabinets
Frame-less Cabinet
Shaker Cabinet
Framed Cabinet
Face-framed Cabinet
Wide Cabinet
Custom Cabinet

Ways to install the DripDry dish drying rack

There are three ways to install DripDry racks:
Framed Bottom Cabinet
Frameless Bottom Cabinet
Bottomless Cabinet
See our Specs page.

DripDry Classic Cabinet Dish Rack

Installation kits include a template for a bottomless cabinet. Alternatively, a frame is cut out from an existing bottom of a cabinet. The DripDry kits include all parts to mount the system into any cabinet. Adjustable fasteners position the DripDry snug into place (as cabinets slightly vary in precise size).

Height : 22.20″ inches minimum height is required. DripDrys can be mounted higher or lower within the cabinet, depending on the cabinet structure and preferences.
Depth: Rack depths are 8.5″ inches (intended for standard cabinets – depth of 11-12” inches).


DripDry Cabinet Dish Rack Pull–Down Racks:

DDC Pull - Down Sizes and Details:

•  Colors: White / Silver – Aluminum

  · Small (DDC20)  –
Width : 18.5″ inches (47 cm)
Height : 26.2″ inches (66.4 cm)
Depth : 8.58″ inches (21.8 cm)

· Medium (DDC24) – 
Width : 22.4″ inches (57 cm)
Height : 26.2″ inches (66.4 cm)
Depth : 8.58″ inches (21.8 cm)

  · Large (DDC28) –
Width : 26.2″ inches (66.5 cm)
Height : 26.2″ inches (66.4 cm)
Depth : 8.58″ inches (21.8 cm)

•  Note the widest width (due to pull-down weight restrictions) is our Large stock size. We do not manufacture pull – downs for any wider than our Large stock size.

We Also Offer Custom Size Static DripDry Racks:

DDC Custom Sizes and Details:

•  Colors: White / Silver –  Aluminum
•  Includes: Two (2) Dish – static rack shelves up to any width.
•  For racks over 35″ please contact us for pricing.
•  After Check Out – contact us with your Order Number and its specifications.

Where There Is No Cabinet Above A Sink:

The DripDry dish drying rack can be assembled and hung above, providing an industrial look.

The DripDry Cabinet Dish Rack

The DRIP DRY  dish drain rack in-cabinet is the trademarked and patented installation kit modeled after the Almagov, as seen in Israel.

Clean Kitchen using a dish drying rack, The DripDry

Prop washed fruits and vegetables to dry

Above the sink or thaw frozen foods to save paper towels or counters from damage.

The best way to organize your kitchen is to eliminate the clutter from your counter tops. Installing a DripDry  cabinet dish rack removes the dish rack from your countertop and hides it.

Pictures show different DripDry installations based on cabinet style and size.

Read project descriptions in our portfolio 

More About the DripDry Cabinet Dish Rack

Visit our blog section for tips and information.

See  DripDry  dish drain in – cabinet  reviews in, Apartment Therapy, Life Edited and Tony Wideman’s.

 Wikipedia – Read Here.

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