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Cabinet Dish Rack – The Drip Dry

Our Drip Dry Classic “DDC” series is made of a solid aluminum frame with white Polystyrene dish rack segments, making it stainless and resistant to humidity and water. Built to last a lifetime and holds 13 lbs (6 Kg). It has a removable integrated drip tray to lead water directly into the sink and not onto the counter top. The DDC is smudge resistant and racks are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. But you won’t see the dish rack or the dishes because the DDC disappears when you close your cabinet’s doors.

Easy to add as an accessory or as cabinetry hardware, the DripDry clears counter-tops, vanishes clutter, improves appearance, saves time having to put clean dishes away, organizes for compact use, provides wet storage space to drain washed fruits and vegetables when prepping food. Also known as a European dish rack drainer or cupboard.

No More Mildew

Dishes Drip From Rack Straight To Sink.

No More Clutter

The Drip Dry Hides Dishes While They Dry

No Measuring Required

Fits All Cabinets

Frame-less Cabinet
Shaker Cabinet
Framed Cabinet
Face-framed Cabinet
Wide Cabinet
Custom Cabinet

Choose Your Size

23.5″ minimum height is required. Measure the interior width in-between the cabinet’s right and left sides panels. Choose the widest Drip Dry that can fit within your measurements to fit your cabinet.

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