Best Fastest Kitchen Upgrade

Something you didn’t know about – but need now. The best way to dry washed dishes and produce – and save time! If you’re clearing a dishwasher, or right from the sink, there’s no better way to keep a kitchen clean by design.

DripDry racks are compatible with any cabinet and are designed to accommodate dishes of various sizes and shapes. It is made from aluminum and a strong polymer that stays white and is antimicrobial. Its scoop and drain tray built-in leads water away from a cabinet to the sink. Economically, more dishes fit with its tight proximity between segments, giving the user 30% more load on a rack, compared to common dish drainers.

Great for pre-existing cabinets, the DripDry cabinet dish rack DIY installation kit has never been easier to install with a frame! Fabricating a frame reinforces a cabinet interior structure, before or after cutting out the cabinet floor. It is ideal in custom-made cabinetry.

Innovation Drives Every Design

If you’re looking to maximize working space in a kitchen, this innovative placement of wet storage space above a sink, is a simple design. For those with physical special needs or mobility limitations, our moveable racks come down to a level that is most convenient to reach.


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Yes, you no longer need a drying rack when you have one of these babies in your life. Simply put the wet dish on the rack, and close the cabinet door. You no longer need to let them dry before putting your dishes away. I love the drip dry cabinet.

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