From Almagov (Hebrew "no towel dry") to Drip Dry Racks

Mrs. Manor shows Almagov cabinet Israel

Drip Dry is the trademark and patented installation kit modeled after Almagov, in Israel. This design has been popular throughout Europe, including Italy and Finland, where it’s known as Astiankuivauskaappi.

The DripDry’s history credits back to Nathan Manor, born in 1916 in Warsaw. He was a creative child with a knack for engineering. As a schoolboy, Nathan built a special gift for Poland’s prime minister. This later saved his life by helping him escape the Holocaust. In memoriam of his family who perished, Nathan joined the British army. After Eretz Yisroel was founded, he headed a repair workshop in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and continued to solve design problems.

Dorit Manor pull down racks in Israel kitchen cabinet

At home, Nathan’s ingenuity extended to his wife’s kitchen where he saw a problem and a solution. It all started when Nathan and Mrs. Manor wanted to renovate their kitchen. Nathan’s ideas were thought of by kitchen design renovations inspired by Israeli architecture. Mrs. Manor insisted on keeping a wooden rack above her sink but it was too high. She wanted the water to drain directly into the sink.

As a result, Nathan thought it was ugly and told his wife he would make an improvement. He said “I will make an Israeli dish rack that hides in the cupboard. And it will go up and down to make your life easier.”…and he did.

Dorit Manor in Israeli kitchen design by father Nathan Manor

After the renovation, his wife’s kitchen was the kitchen of envy in their hometown! When friends saw Dorit Manor move racks up and down that disappeared into the cabinet they forced the Manor family into production. Neighbors demanded mass production for the dish rack mounted above the sink. Nathan turned his family’s home into a factory and soon after opened a modern factory with molding machines for the cabinet dish rack drainer – changing the kitchens for all in the Land of Milk and Honey.

European and Israeli kitchen design

Since 1975, Manor Industries LTD in Israel proudly manufacturers military grade aluminum polymer products

Per Lovgren Manager of Manor Industries LTD

In 2007, living in a small New York City studio, with a narrow kitchen, Tali Simhoni removed a shelf from the cabinet above the sink and put a dish rack there, but it could not drain without water hitting the cabinet. Neighbors agreed an improvement was a necessity!  Remembering her home in Israel with an Almagov, Tali ventured to find drainage for her cabinet.  But, nothing in stores was available to mount racks into an existing cabinet.  Tali discussed this terrible problem with Manor Industries, Inc. (manufacturer of the Almagov) Per Lovgren who signed an exclusive agreement to produce DripDry.

Tali created a template to cut out the bottom of an existing cabinet, a template that could also be used to build a frame for a bottomless cabinet, and, an assortment of pieces to “lego in” connection build-in parts to accommodate any style cabinet.  

The Israeli Dish Rack DripDry is the first multi-use kit to drain a cabinet, or, no cabinet.

Famous dish rack

Seen in academy award winning film and news

Featured in Moonlight movie kitchen scene
Drip Dry behind the scene in Moonlight movie
Famous dish rack in Moonlight movie
Academy award for best picture 2016, filmed in Miami Beach apartment kitchen scene

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