What do our customers say?

Great service from Tali and Val
There was an installation issue and they gave me full support
Very happy with this product
Thank you
Great work
Frank Tognini

We bought a KraftMaid 36 inch wide wall cabinet. We had to modify the cabinet and used the template that came in the kit. Then installed the racks. Now the cabinet does what I need. Looks beautiful.
Anne M. W.

With the DripDry, I don’t need to put clean dishes away, because they’re already inside my cabinet. Literally saves my time and clears my countertops.
Anne Schleider

The product is great and now there is more space on the counter. Thank you.
Thomas Cusack

I especially like the fact that it can go up and down. Thank you!

From Pennsylvania

We have a small kitchen and this helps us with counter space.

From Miami Beach

Hi! The drip dry is the greatest part of my new kitchen!!! It’s Great!!! And I was excited to see that it was coming from Eretz Yisroel! Thanks. Shalom U’bracha!!! Sharon (Tzivia)

From Baltimore

Thank you!! The DripDry made our kitchen beautiful!!!

From Woburn

I am in love with it and hopefully it will start a market for you in Australia! People here have never seen such thing and I am sure many will think it is awesome!

From Australia

I am an interior designer based in Sydney, Australia. I love the practical use and the look of your product.

From Australia