Behold the power of designers and architects! When creating a practical and efficient atmosphere for lifestyle, to maximize counter space, sinks are best positioned under a cabinet.  Where there’s a window, consider a lifted cabinet for a deco design.  Strive to keep countertops cleared of dish racks!

Statistically, your clients prepare 3 meals a day at least 5 days a week and spend at least 5 hours a week doing dishes (washing & putting them away). With 75% of homes using dish racks or dish drainers, we believe designers and architects have the power to re-imagine and recast a kitchen, intelligently, by imagining “What will it really look like when it’s being lived in?”

According to Estee Nir, Interior Designer at Pure Design 2000, “When I see a floor plan that has a window available, immediately I look where I can put the cabinet.  By mounting a cabinet higher up than the other wall cabinets, or by using a shorter cabinet, I always try to take advantage of a window that’s at a sink. If the window opens, I make sure the bottom of the cabinet is placed just above the bar to close and open the window.”