Architects design solutions.

There is great respect for architects, but little understanding of what they do, or how their work affects others. Architectural practice is constantly evolving and to move the profession forward, showcase their creativity, experience, and professional knowledge.

Ingenuity improves lives.

Being organized can streamline tasks for better use of time. Architects with home designers envision better homes and spaces that work efficiently. When it comes to kitchens, where people spend hours a day, the best way to save time is by design.

Aesthetics by Design.

As Steve Jobs said “People think the word design is how something looks, but if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” When designing a kitchen, architects can add a small feature. It makes sense to include a cabinet over the sink with drain racks to drip dry. This design brings aesthetics and function to the ultimate customer.

It’s all in the Cabinetry.

Cabinets are squares with shelves. The Drip Dry inserts into a fabricated cabinet, sectioned by vertical compartments, or alternatively within two side panels for an exact fit. Shop drawings, such as Eric Heim’s at “Manhattan Cabinetry” show a bottomless cabinet with a reinforced interior that provides upright vertical storage. Access to cutting boards are featured, and, how appropriate for limited space in a vertical City!

The DripDry is a patented system of racks that are compatible for different sizes and shapes of dishes. It is made from aluminum and a strong polymer that will never rust and is antimicrobial.

Cabinet dish rack