Traditional kitchen construction often falls short of today’s lifestyle demands

Know your customers and understand they are always looking to enhance their productivity and efficiency in their personal lives.

Architectural solutions can create interior spaces that outperform your customer’s current space and help you keep pace with your own future requirements.

By integrating wet-storage, you create smart, fully functional space that provides the option to maximize a kitchen’s performance.

The Number One Blueprint Model to Use When Remodeling a Kitchen  

There are a number of things to consider when remodeling a kitchen. The most important is how you intend to use the space. You want to maximize efficiency without losing the style elements you had in mind. So, what can you do to ensure that you’re getting the most out of every square foot of your kitchen? You should focus on narrowing the distance between workspaces by creating an equilaterally designed triangle. That means, when you’re cooking, you’ll be moving to and from the sink, cabinets, and stove. That means that these three items should be in close proximity of each other. If you implement the equilateral triangle design in your kitchen, you’ll spend less time preparing meals and cleaning up after prepping food, too. This highly efficient design element makes the most sense in smaller kitchens without islands separating the sink and appliances. Still, it can be introduced to larger spaces as well. A cabinet rack or drainer can serve as a resting spot for ingredients that are going to be used. A cabinet dish rack above the sink helps keep counter tops clear to serve as an area to use when preparing ingredients.

If you plan to talk to people while you prepare meals, think about where you’ll be standing. Place the stove in a location where it’s easier to hold a conversation with your family or dinner guests. You can then plan the triangle from there.

Remodeling your kitchen requires you to think about a lot of things you wouldn’t ordinarily concern yourself with. It’s important that contractors know what their customers have in mind for a space, before they get started. A contractor who asks his customers about their lifestyle, by imagining where the user will be standing in the kitchen, and imagining where everything will be placed, helps you have a greater sense of how the layout works for the space.

As your partner, the DripDry will help you to integrate this “common sense” technology into cabinetry construction, in order to meet your presentation goals.