Kitchen Design

The global pandemic kitchen design brought numerous changes to the world as we know it. That lockdown lifestyle everyone slowly adopted required specific areas to be clean and comfortable.  Forbes magazine boasts of 2024’s best dish racks to get clutter off counters, but the best aspect of home design changed with home office kitchens.  One company stands at the forefront of this change, and it’s none other than The Drip Dry Corp. bringing along a game-changing product called The DripDry cabinet.

The Best Dish Drying Racks To Keep Your Countertops Clutter-Free

Kitchens are being remodeled differently to fit our current needs. Counters often share outlets with phones and laptops. Zoom meetings are held at dining tables, which have forced home designers to plan well beyond ordinary cabinetry and appliances.

More than ever, it has become increasingly essential to add storage and include lots of electric outlets and choose materials wisely. The vision is to transform the area between meals so counters can be used for work.

In line with this evolution of the kitchen, The DripDry company manufactures drain rack inserts for kitchen cabinets, providing a clever and convenient solution to a common problem: clutter and grime from wet racks and mats on the counter

The product itself was invented by Tal Simhoni, who dubbed the invention as “like LEGO for the interior of a square box.” The installer chooses parts from the kit that work to connect the racks, making it extremely versatile in any given situation.

Tal is better known as a New York City “MWBE” (Minority Woman Business Enterprise), who is
selling the DripDry cabinet dish rack that fits any cabinet in the world. It is a resourceful
reimagining of the original product built into cabinets in Israel back in 1970.

Kitchen Design Changed Forever to Rid Clutter on Counters
The redesign has brought the product towards the modern age, even to the point of providing a
timely solution to the pandemic woes that we often feel at home. The DripDry provides its
customers with a variety of clean solutions such as draining water straight to a sink, hiding
clutter and providing storage, all in the name of helping keep kitchens spick and span.

Keeping our surroundings clean, especially our kitchens, is proven to significantly reduce the chances of getting sick. The DripDry is a fully-patented invention that provides a whole lot of upside compared to other dish racks on the market. It is guaranteed to fit any cabinet, and it even lowers down and goes back up into the cabinet.Tal Simhoni gained the idea to invent the product after moving into a small apartment in New York City. The place was cramped, and she couldn’t really move around much. The kitchen was impractical because the counter itself was being used to dry dishes. “I hated seeing the clutter too. If I needed the counter, I had to put away the dishes, noticeably into the cabinet—where they could have already been had they been put up after washing them,” explained Tal. “But you can’t put wet dishes directly into a cabinet unless you have a DripDry,” she added.Kraftmaid Full Access line now has a customized open bottom cabinet to fit the Drip Dry racks. With DripDry, style and convenience are at hand—even if you have a dishwasher. It is a brilliant invention that is poised to sweep the nation and even the entire world.

To know more about DripDry, make sure to visit the official website.