DRIPDRY PULL – DOWN Model Sizes and Details

Installation kits include a template for a bottomless cabinet. Alternatively, a frame is cut out from an existing bottom of a cabinet. The DripDry kits include all parts to mount the system into any cabinet. Adjustable fasteners position the DripDry snug into place (as cabinets slightly vary in precise size).

Colors: White / Silver – Aluminum

Height : 22.20″ inches (56.39 cm) minimum height is required.
*** DripDrys can be mounted higher or lower within the cabinet, depending on the cabinet structure and preferences.

Depth: Rack depths are 8.58″ inches (21.79 cm) – intended for standard cabinets – depth of 11-12” inches   (28 – 30.5 cm).

Sizes differ by width only. All sizes have the same height and depth.