DripDry Cabinet Dish Rack

Specs & Installation Instructions

The bottom of the cabinet is not attached or is removed altogether. Alternatively, a frame is cut out from an existing bottom of a cabinet. The DripDry dish drying rack kits include all parts to mount the system into the cabinet. Adjustable fasteners position the Dish Rack DripDry snug into place (as cabinets slightly vary in precise size).

Specs  – 3 Basic Methods to Install The DripDry Cabinet Dish Rack

See size for each type of cabinet


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How the Template Works

DripDry templates represent the exact measurements of the rectangular hole that should be cut out of a cabinet-floor. If your cabinets are completely custom made, the dish drying rack DripDry stencil represents the exact measurement for a frame to be made, with the points indicated to use the anchors that come in our kit. To use a DripDry stencil-template as a self-guiding tool, both the interior width and depth of the cabinet must be known. With these two parameters, the installer measures the interior width and depth in able to properly center the template. Note, custom cabinets have more options to place the template higher or lower depending on design. The stencil also provides a line where the installer should apply a DripDry “sealer-strip” (provided in the kit) or their own barrier strip to protect the edges of wood from humidity.

DDC20 stencil is a cut-out width of a rectangular hole to saw = 16” Inches + 9/64” (41cm)

DDC24 stencil is a cut-out width of a rectangular hole to saw = 20” Inches + 5/64” (51cm)

DDC28 stencil is a cut-out width of a rectangular hole to saw = 23” Inches +13/16” (60.5cm)


Installation requires Moderate Handyman Skills & Tools

English DDC Manual

Spanish DDC Manual

French DDC Manual

Fits All Cabinets
Frame-less Cabinet
Shaker Cabinet
Framed Cabinet
Face-framed Cabinet
Wide Cabinet Custom Cabinet

Choose Your Size

22.20″ minimum height is required.  Measure the interior width in-between the cabinet’s right and left sides panels. See the Size Chart  to make sure which DripDry fits into your cabinet

Add a bottomless or open bottom cabinet above a sink in your CAD kitchen plan  software and build a faboulous kitchen. Check out our portfolio.


Bottom-Frame Install

After your cabinet bottom is prepared according to the template’s area, your cabinet is ready for the racks to go in. Watch the video to see how.

Bottomless Cabinet Install

When your cabinet bottom is open, according to the template dimensions, attach the mounting pieces that will hold the racks. Watch the video to see the assembly.

We offer Professional Installation

Let us connect you to a professional installer or Ask us about becoming an installer.

We currently have Professional Installers in the following areas:

United States: Connecticut, South Florida, New Jersey, New York
Quebec, Canada and Jamaica

We highly recommend our Professional Installers who specialize in Dish drying rack installations for frameless, framed, face-framed, Ready-to-Assemble, wide, and custom-made cabinets. Certified DripDry Professional Installers have experience and demonstrated craftsmanship.

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Frequently Asked Questions. Read Here.

We recommend these businesses for your DripDry installation and your kitchen design:

Outside the USA:

Huixquilucan, Mexico: Dalia, Phone 521-5555-070290, Email [email protected]

Queensland, Australia: Ameneh, Email [email protected]

How does the DripDry hidden dish drainer contribute to the environment? Read Here

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