From RubberMaid to Walmart, dish racks are a number one seller!  They are used when a dishwasher is already in use or there is overflow. With counter-top dish pans, water puddles until poured into the sink. Dish drainers become petri dishes for mildew and bacteria and become clogged or stained from standing water. Nearly every home has a dish rack or dish drainer for daily washed dishes. They clutter counters and while many users spend time as a chore to put away dry dishes, and then they hide their dish rack away under the sink, other users succumb to keeping their dish drainer next to their sink because they need to keep it handy. Typical users need quick access to dishes and utensils—storage place within reach is ideal.

Meet the Hidden Dish Rack

By providing an alternative storage space for hand washables and delicate items, you can save your customer’s time—and increase your customers’ kitchen counter space so it can be used for preparing foods, for charging cell phones, or for decorative accessories. This arrangement is hygienic, aesthetic, practical, and dries dishes quickly; it’s a great place to hide a wet cutting board or the soap and sponge. Kits may include accessories to store baby bottles, wine glasses, and cutlery. The Drip Dry, an over the cabinet hidden dish rack, is an easy-to-install solution to meet your customers’ needs and you can build it right into your kitchen cabinets. So, incorporate your customers’ needs for a cabinet and a dish drainer in one! The Drip Dry is a must-have home improvement product.

The Drip Dry: Function and Design

Meet customers’ lifestyle needs with the ergonomic multi-function design of the Drip Dry hidden dish rack. Help your customers become eco-friendly while providing a solution for interior design.

Smart design is critical in residential construction.

The Drip Dry integrates aesthetics and practical solutions into kitchen cabinetry. The Drip Dry is built strong to last a lifetime.In addition to using it to drip dry pots, pans, plates, etc., it may also be used to dry washed fruits and vegetables, to thaw frozen foods, and can even be used for delicate items. Whatever you use it for, it hides behind a closed door for an elegant sight.

How does the Drip Dry hidden dish drainer contribute to the environment?

Eliminates the need for cloth and paper towels to reduce non-recyclable waste. The Drip Dry air dries washed fruits and vegetables, dishes, pots, pans, and cutlery to a beautiful clear – without using electric energy.

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