Classic DripDry – PULL DOWN RACKS

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•  Colors: White / Silver – Aluminum
•  Includes: All parts and pieces to mount a two – level pull – down set of racks, a template, a cutlery cup and manual.
•  Height : 22.20″ inches (56.39 cm) minimum height is required. DripDrys can be mounted higher or lower within the cabinet, depending on the cabinet structure and preferences.
•  Depth: Rack depths are 8.58″ inches (21.79 cm) – intended for standard cabinets – depth of 11-12” inches (28 – 30.5 cm).

•  Sizes differ by width only. All sizes have the same height and depth:

· Small
Cabinet’s interior width is at least 18.5″ inches (47 cm)
* Small holds 36 plates.

  · Medium
Cabinet’s interior width is at least 22.4″ inches (57 cm)
* Medium holds 44 plates.

  · Large
Cabinet’s interior width is at least 26.2″ inches (66.5 cm)
* Large holds 52 plates.



The Pull- Down DripDry Classic cabinet dish drainer is an easy to install accessory for kitchens designed for function and beauty. A Dish Rack Cabinet installation product for a bottomless cabinet. Alternatively, a frame is cut out from an existing bottom of a cabinet. The DripDry kits include all parts to mount the system into the cabinet. Adjustable fasteners position the DripDry snug into place (as cabinets slightly vary in precise size). Our DripDry Classic series cabinet dish drainer is made of a solid aluminum frame with white Polystyrene dish rack segments, making it stainless and resistant to humidity and water.

See Spec Sheets for installation methods.


6 reviews for Classic DripDry – PULL DOWN RACKS

  1. Anne Schleider

    With the DripDry, I don’t need to put clean dishes away, because they’re already inside my cabinet. Literally saves my time and clears my countertops.

  2. Syd, From Miami Beach

    We have a small kitchen and this helps us with counter space.

  3. Itay, From Pennsylvania

    I especially like the fact that it can go up and down. Thank you!

  4. Thomas Cusack

    The product is great and now there is more space on the counter. Thank you.

    • Kitchen Queen

      Thank you for your review!

  5. Anne M. W.

    We bought a KraftMaid 36 inch wide wall cabinet. We had to modify the cabinet and used the template that came in the kit. Then installed the racks. Now the cabinet does what I need. Looks beautiful.

  6. Frank Tognini

    Great service from Tali and Val
    There was an installation issue and they gave me full support
    Very happy with this product
    Thank you
    Great work

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