If you’ve ever fantasized your life as a Palace Royal, you’re not alone.   Imagine yourself dining with personal chefs and wait staff, never touching a greasy pot.  But if you’re washing dishes, reality is your delicious recipe comes with kitchen chores.

It has been this way since the beginning of time.  As the busy Queen in your house, luckily, there are all types of revolutionary gadgets – at a reasonable cost – worth the money for all the time they save.

Here are five favorites “Kitchen Must Have”:


1. The Drip Dry cabinet installation kit.

With a hidden dish drying rack to unclutter your kitchen, counters quickly transform between cooking and eating. Think cleanliness and storage starting at your sink.  Hidden pull-down drain racks above and inside a cabinet.  This design of a center cabinet storage organizes space to thaw frozen meat, drains washed vegetables, and dishes to drip and dry.  It is a game-changer.  Expect some needed carpentry work to prepare the cabinet.  At $199.00, this can be installed into any cabinet.


2. Kitchen sink scrap basket.


This simple spot for a small garbage container allows water to drip within the sink. About $18.00, it saves time between chopping and turning to the bigger waste container. It can be used for multiple purposes and is overall good to have handy.


3. Dish soap pump under sink.


Expect some countertop opening to prepare for this, but at under $20.00 you can get this hack of a clever design.


4. A clothing hanger.


You may even have one in your closet; this is about $10.00.  Hook on a cabinet handle and post a recipe.  This prevents the cookbook from getting dirty.


5. The power drill brush.


At about $15.00, this can help scrub off some burned-on foods.  Just be mindful of the safety precautions around water.


Whether Rich or Poor – Here are “Must Have” Designs for Your Dream Kitchen

The cost of eating out is rising faster than the cost of eating at home.  High inflation is eating up the budgets of American households.  Americans had grown used to spending more than half their food budgets on meals outside the home.  But that changed abruptly when the pandemic hit, and families were forced to cook for themselves.   The purchase power of money has caused a widespread increase in cost, including at the grocery store, and a drastic decrease in expenditures away from home.

Whether the economy has affected you personally or not, we are all spending more time in our kitchens.   For some families, it’s no longer an individual parent going to work and picking up lunch at a restaurant.   That routine has changed to working at home and grabbing an entire meal from a restaurant to feed the family.  And if you’re cooking, that means a lot more dishes.

Nonetheless, if your kitchen is small and cramped or large and expansive, you need a clever layout to make all the difference in helping get the most of out of the space.  While the floorplan of your home will most likely determine the layout that your kitchen will have, including these designs to optimize the area will make it work better:

1. Take advantage of a window opportunity. Where there’s a window, the sanitizing effects of UV light can help keep the area clean by drying out moisture to prevent mildew.  At sinks, windows create quick drying arrangements – turning open space into storage.


Image Credit: The American Cleaning Institute

2. Create wet storage space. Wall mounted cabinets that include wet storage space allows you to prop washed fruits and vegetables above the sink to drip dry.  Gravity draws water down so no towel or plate is needed.  With this incorporated into your design, you literally change how the kitchen space works between tasks to prepare food and the time it takes to put items away.


3. Benefit from corner walls. A smart layout does not require expensive custom cabinetry.  Customize a kitchen design plan to include storage to eliminate excess clutter.  Good kitchen construction design includes space for waste with easy-to-clean out of sight garbage corners.  Hygiene as priority, a vertical “L” shaped wall, against a corner wall, should be tiled with smooth granite or other impermeable surface, to be wiped clean of dirt.  The garbage container lid can be by-passed to avoid touching it, while the receptacle is hidden.


4. Add outlets under base cabinets with apertures in countertops to provide clear workspace where you keep appliances. For wall cabinets, consider bringing down the level to user reach convenience.


5. Think vertical. You only have so much width to work with, so take your cabinets up as far as possible to the ceiling.  If your cabinets do not go up to the ceiling, line them with towels that can be laundered occasionally to remove dust.  Use whatever remaining space above to store things that are used less often.

Consider going to a spa and dreaming about ways to spend your valued time!  With the time not spent washing and drying dishes, even if you’re not a celebrity, you can be a star.



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