Our kitchen suffers from a serious lack of counter space. (Ah, the joys of putting away pots and dishes only to make space for cutting on the countertop). So because of this, we’re forced to improvise in order to get all of our kitchen essentials to fit.

This cabinet-dish-rack drainer with its abundance of storage for large washed bowls, pans, and even a utensil holder, holds all of our silverware above our sink and frees up the countertop. Brilliant!

It makes our kitchen’s appearance clean, without the horrifying sight of clutter.  It is aesthetic, practical, and convenient.

I no longer feel frustrated when looking for space to dry washed fruits and vegetables. After rinsing, I put them up on the rack and moments later, with the help of gravity, the items are dry.  And so is my counter!

Besides not having to wipe water off my counter, I especially love the grip of these racks that lets me tilt glasses, bowls, and plates.  The tilt is great because the water doesn’t puddle. For example, a wine glass turned upside-down with a tilt is the best way to dry without water accumulating on the base. Streak-free!

I no longer deal with dirty grime on a used dish rack. My dishes are clean, and already in the cabinet where they are hidden.

This clever placement of drain racks should be a standard design. It was popular in Italy and throughout Europe – but their cabinets were made for the racks. This new DripDry “installation kit” provided all the hardware to mount it into my own cabinet that I bought from Home Depot.

It was fairly easy to install because the kit included a stencil template in order to open the cabinet floor / bottom.  I keep looking at my kitchen now with affection – for this Oh So Clever improvement.